Season 1, Episode 9, “Blanche and the Younger Man”

Well, everyone, people warned me about this. I guess you can’t win them all the time. I’ve finally hit my first mediocre. Oh believe me, even a mediocre episode of the GG’s is better than the best episode of Yes, Dear, for example.


Blanche dates Dirk (not Diggler, unforch) and is obsessed with making herself look young for him. I mean, he is “five years younger” than her. “What, in dog years?” quips our Dorothy. Turns out he likes her because she reminds him of his mother. No worries Blanche, the guy is a douche nozzle. She comes home and throws a tantrum until Dorothy kisses her ass and convinces her that she’s gorgeous and awesome.


Rose’s mother visits and what the fuck is with the wigs on this show? And what is with actresses that basically look the same age as their daughters? Rose babies her mother and Mama Rose gets mad and wants to leave and they make up. And Sophia, because she’s SUCH A SPITFIRE, takes her to the dog race track.

The moral of this episode? Just be yourself. And just let your mother be yourself. And don’t date guys who take you to fancy restaurants and just order the watercress salad.


Best fashion moment: it’s a tie! First, there’s Blanche’s aerobicizing leotard:


and I was really into this shirt of Sophia’s – and then I realized it was a housecoat, which makes it EVEN BETTER:


Next, I just noticed these art deco prints in Rose’s bedroom. I have to say, I like her boudoir the best our of the ladies’.


And Dorothy of course has great reactions to Blanche’s “I’ll never forget this amazing guy I banged” story or Rose’s “back on the farm” stories:


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