Season 1, Episode 11, “Stan’s Return” as Reviewed By the Co-worker who Really Really Wants to Tell You About Her Crazy Night Out But You Aren’t Taking the Bait

On this very special episode, the gals all become bulimic…

I’ve seen this episode a few times already, but it’s hard to think right now. I have the WORST hangover right now……I mean, I got a hangover from last night…..last night when I went out….so anyway, it’s hard for me to concentrate on these payment invoices MUCH LESS this episode.

The gals are planning their vacation, except they are not including Sophia and hoping she could watch the house when they go, which, although she is upset, I mean, can you blame them? Vacations can get crazy! There’s lots of partying happening…oh yea, that reminds me that last night my girlfriends and I danced on the bar just like Coyote Ugly! It was so crazy. I mean, if I could remember any of it! Although I do have this phone number written on my arm- how did that get there…I wonder?….Rose wants to go somewhere educational, Dorothy wants to go to New York, and Blanche of course, wants to go someplace tropical, where the men only speak French. “What do the women speak?” asks Rose, of course. Anyway, speaking of islands, you’ll never guess who I hooked up with at the bar last night, some guy from New Zealand…he was just like Bret from Flight of the Concords…oh you’ve never watched it?….what I mean was is he was really hot…

Sigh. My headache! From this HANGOVER! Meanwhile, Stan, Dorothy’s ex, is in town and wants to meet up because they need to finalize the sale of some property that they bought while on honeymoon in Florida. Stan convinces Dorothy to drive out there and look at it for old time’s sake, and bribes her with a corn beef sandwich. By the way, this is the restaurant he takes her to:


Really? That’s it? He should have taken her to a nicer place. This place seems to just have greasy food, which is only good in the case of a hangover….have I mentioned my hangover? I mean, I don’t even know if I am going to make it through the day…..because I have a hangover….from my crazy night last night…

It’s a known fact that all New Yorkers love a good pastrami on rye.

Dorothy and Stan’s reminiscing results in Stan spending the night…I must say, it is a surprise to me when these women don’t know about the hooking up going on…their rooms are right next to each other…speaking of hooking up, you won’t believe this guy I made out with….I never do stuff like that!

Look where Blanche’s eyes are pointing

Stan is convinced that he and Dorothy should get back together because his teenage bridge Chrissy dumped him. Dorothy finally ends it and Chrissy (who looks like a Wakefield twin) comes back for forgiveness just in time.


The clothes the ladies wear on this show are so ridiculous! Speaking of clothes…did you notice how people are talking about how I’m wearing the same clothes today? Yes, I am! Because I didn’t sleep at home last night…because I was out…it was crazy..

 The Goldies:

Fashion Award: Blanche’s frilly nightgowns!


We’re back to Rose is a fucking moron and the Petrelli family wants to cut her: Sophia overhears Rose mentioning places and says “Oh, are you moving Rose? That’s too bad. I’d be sad if I actually liked you.” OUCH!

 Things Rose does not understand: How a thermos keeps things both hot and cold

Fun fact: Although I think we knew this already, Sophia reveals that Dorothy married Stan because she got knocked up. (Probably with Kate, who we meet in the second episode.)

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