Season 1, Episode 18: The Operation; Let’s Face it, This Episode Was About Showing Off The Ladies’ Gams


And what wonderful games they are! I would wear this outfit permanently if I looked like that. The gals are enrolled in tap lessons and have a recital coming up.  I’ll say it for the millionth time, these ladies have a better social life than I have or will ever have. Dorothy, sprains her ankle and needs an operation. She’s scared of it until her hospital roomie, a brave stoic lady (who was probably in the script as a Magical Negro) told her about having her second masectomy made Dorothy feel like a fool.


But not before sneaking out of the hospital and sneaking back in the house, only for Rose to tell Blanche that a “big ugly man” is creeping around outside. Bea Arthur is a real good sport about all the ugly jokes she tells.

In case you forgot what a crazy old coot Sophia is, we learn that she likes to go to the park, get tanked, and look at the clouds. Also, in Rose is a retard news: she once killed her cat by petting it too hard.

Enough plot! Back to dancing!




ydUlG5O tumblr_inline_mlkv0frjgE1qz4rgp

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