Season 1, Episode 20: “Adult Education” Reviewed By the College Brochure


Welcome to Miami Convenient College, where it doesn’t matter what classes you take, they are only for retired women to take to get a promotion at work. If you are an attractive older lady who likes casual sportswear, be warned: you will be asked to suck a cock in order to get a good grade. Even better, when you report it to the Dean of Students, he will just say “why are you doing this to me?” and then make you fill out a form with a multiple choice question of sex acts requested. Insert joke about how he’s been married twenty years and he’s never heard of this stuff and voila! Instant accreditation.



Blanche, tired of getting by with her looks, decides to study her ladies’ petite sized tucchus off to prove the teacher wrong. She gets an A, but not the promotion because her coworker got a major boob job and they gave it to her. Oh, the irony!  Feminism, am I right?

Meanwhile the other gals are going gaga over the Frank Sinatra concert, and all try to get tickets. Dorothy gets arrested for scalping some tix, and they end up just coming home. Feminism, am I right?


This is what the gals wear to the concert.


Lighten up ladies, it’s a concert, not the christening of the twentieth Duggar child.

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