Season 1, Episode 21, “The Flu”, as Reviewed By a Men’s Rights Activist

I’m so glad I get this platform to finally say something. I’m so tired about being drowned out by all these feminists that control the media! Finally, I get to say what many of you don’t realize- men are in trouble. Men are hurting. Men are aren’t men anymore!

This show, which I can only suppose is a group of women sitting around complaining about how stupid men are and then expect men to do everything for them, opens with Dorothy being fitted for what I can assume is an evening dress. It’s pretty sack-like, and she’s not showing off her body, which is totally against nature because that’s just BIOLOGY, you know? Women’s obligation to attract a mate. That means she expects the man to do ALL the work, and that is accepted by the so-called feminist doctrine. I call it MISANDRY!


Blanche comes in with a new outfit which isn’t do her any favors in fulfilling her ability to compete for others for a mate Sophia, the elderly one, complains she doesn’t have a date. I mean, it’s like she feels OBLIGATED to have a date. women don’t have to earn their dates. But when I try to ask a girl out? BOOM. FRIENDZONED.


Rose, the sweet woman who seems to understand the real role of a woman, is sick and gets everyone sick before this big fancy banquet. They all get really cranky and fight with each other, bickering over the heating pad, what shows to watch, etc. I mean, these feminists claim the power of unity among women, but look, get them together, they can’t even get along!


Then, a doctor comes to the house, and Blanche admits she was expecting a male doctor. SEE! SEE! It’s true, more men are doctors because more men choose to be. It’s just a fact. This woman CHOSE to be a doctor instead of a teacher or admin assistant or work at Wal-mart, or whichever jobs women prefer doing over being a doctor. The doctor makes a joke about being a man, which is funny because hahahaha, because what man would ever WILLINGLY become a woman?


Eventually they all get better and attend the banquet. Blanche and Sophia pay men to be their dates, which my god, if I ever told anyone my date was prostitute! I’d be CRUCIFIED! But now, it’s okay for women to do it. MISANDRY!


Sophia wins the award at the banquet, which is about being a good citizen or something, I don’t know. I am just so mad thinking about how if there was ever a sitcom that centered on the lives of guys, I’d be told I need more “diversity” on my show, and this show is allowed to have all women on a show? It’s NOT FAIR!


Excuse me, I’ve got to go protest at my local community college because they have a women’s resource center and refuse to make a Men’s Center. I don’t have my car, so I have to walk there by myself, which is actually nice, because I enjoy the ability to walk around the city at night by myself. So, to feminists I say,


One thought on “Season 1, Episode 21, “The Flu”, as Reviewed By a Men’s Rights Activist

  1. As a misogynist… I find this article to be utterly retarded. Makes you sound like whiny little bitch.

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