Season 1, Episode 24: “Big Daddy”, as Reviewed By Buzzfeed

Blanche  is all excited to see her father, who she calls Big Daddy. She misses The South, which to her, seems like,


To Sophia, The South seems like,


Blanche dresses in her Sweet Sixteen outfit for Big Daddy, and Big Daddy checks out her rack.


Yea, it’s weird. Like a incestuous Gone With the Wind.


Big Daddy announces he’s sold the family’s plantation to go on the road to become a singer.


Blanche is all,


Because Big Daddy is terrible at singing.

tobias-crying-in-shower (1)

Meanwhile, he convinces the gals to come see him sing at a rodeo bar, and all the gals are like,


But Big Daddy isn’t even playing because he got booed off the stage during his first show.


Blanche talks to him and assumes that’s the end of his singing career, but Big Daddy is all,


and tells Blanche he is going to keep pursuing his dream. Big Daddy straight up admits that he always wanted to sing, but his dream was crushed when he met his wife and had kids.

Blanche finally understands and gives him her blessing.


I hope that is the last we see of Big Daddy.


and that Sophia keeps reminding Rose,


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