Season 1, Episode 25: “The Way We Met”, Reviewed With a Craigslist Ad


Devastatingly beautiful, charming 43 year old seeking two fun-loving gals to share devastatingly charming ranch home. Must be okay with multiple male visitors each and every night and strange sounds emitted from my boudoir. Roommates must participate in mass binge eating sessions at two in the morning. Possible to have semi-senile mother live with you with a suitable deposit.

Large lanai and one side of the house is invisible.


Of course, Blanche does the old-timey craigslist, which is posting something on the supermarket bulletin board.  The same supermarket where they later go shopping together, because they must have wanted to get their money’s worth for building. Blanche wants to buy clams to give guys boners, and Dorothy wants to buy pepperoni. Rose, who seriously comes off as mentally challenged (I mean, more than usual) keeps correcting the cashier when she charges them less than she should. The gals are ready to call it quits when Rose talks about a fucking herring circus and Blanche and Dorothy are all, LOL what is with this retarded broad- and they decide to live together after all.


This is all done in flashback, of course, during a night when none of the gals can sleep because they watched Psycho.  So what do they do? Binge on a whole cheesecake in the middle of the night, of course.


And that’s a wrap on season one!


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