Season 2, Episode 3: “Take Him, He’s Mine”, as Reviewed By a College Course Syllabus


Course: Modern Marriage in the Time of Capitalism

Class objective:  To explore the complicates sociological emotional, and institutional systems that surround Dorothy ans Stan Zbnornak’s relationship through time, as well as explore the motivations and characters of Blanche, Rose and Sophia.

Course Schedule

Week 1: What’s In a Marriage? In this class we will trace the timeline of Dorothy and Stan’s marriage, divorce and subsequent farcical arguing.  Concepts to explore: Shotgun Weddings, Sexual Performance Shaming, Odd Sexual Tension,  the societal expectation for men to hide their baldness.

Discussion questions:

  • Why does Stan blow all his money on bad deals?
  • What are Chrissy’s motivations for marrying Stan in the first place?
  • Why does he suddenly need Dorothy when she is going out with a naval officer?

Week 2: Friendship and Exes: The “Rules of Feminism”

In this class, we will debate the ethics of Stan going out with Blanche: Dorothy asked her to in the first place v. Blanche had fun and besides they only like each other not like like each other.

Discussion questions:

  • Can Blanche be with a man without seducing him?
  • How do these elderly women stay out until 5am on multiple nights?


Week 3: “Picture This”, Sophia’s Italian Roots and her inevitable connection to the Mob. Concepts: Little Old Lady Syndrome, Supply And Demand

Discussion Questions:

  • Is Sophia and Rose’ sandwich selling scheme a parallel to Stan’s financial failures?
  • Is it just furthering a stereotype?
  • What does the bacon lettuce potato sandwich symbolize? Do they cook the potato first or is it raw?
Figure 1: The most mobstery mobster guys that ever were

Week 4: Mistaken Identity: Through the Lens of the Proverbial Greek Chorus;  Protagonists in Greek tragedies often fall from grace because of mistaken identity because of their hastiness and hubris. Dorothy rushes to the hotel where she thinks Blanche and Stan are shacking up. Stan hides his lover under the covers, while Blanche delivers her monologue to her, thinking she is Blanche. Upon reveal, we learn that it is the young nymph Chrissy, whom has decided to take Stan back. Unlike other Greek Tragedies, Dorothy does not gouge her eyes out,;she goes home and apologizes to Blanche.

Concepts: Ho’s Before Bro’s


Final Paper: Explain why Dorothy is persistent in wearing these pajamas when she has a fancy date.


Extra Credit: Name every product in this “supermarket.”


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