Season 2, Episode 6, “Big Daddy’s Little Lady”, As Reviewed By Me


Let’s just get this out of the way, this episode was just filler based around a scene where they all since about Miami. It’s a catchy diddy, music by Rose and lyrics by Blanche.  Blanche used to write poetry in high school, because she was tall and therefore fucking disgusting.

Miami is nice / So I’ll Say It Twice / Miami Is Nice

And Big Daddy (ugh) is back in town to ogle Blanche’s breasts and to announce he is marrying a younger woman. Blanche freaks out but then realizes she not twelve and gives her blessing.

Sophia needs boots to wade in his bullshit! Gotcha! Sicily! Rude comment!

Now, let’s look at some outfits.


Dorothy: yikes. Looks like a baseball shirt crossed with a straitjacket. Please notice Estelle Getty’s fantastic background work.


We’ve seen Blanche’s drop-waist green outfit before. She wears it when she knows she’s getting laid. I have a feeling she can take it off in one swoop, much like Rollergirl in Boogie Nights.


Dorothy went on a safari at the Dress Barn. I just cannot condone this in any way. We all know Dorothy looks best in pastels.

ROSE: We’ll be a great songwriting duo! Like Simon and Garfunkel! Or Shari Lewis and Lambchop!



That witty retort is made better by her knitted “smock with rainbow puke emblem.” She must feel confident in that. Why are they always wearing goddamn sweaters in Miami?

And with that, I say….


When I heard Big Daddy was going to make another appearance:


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