Season 2, Episode 16: “And Then There Was One”

This week, the girls inhale some infectious gas and walk around talking to a wrapped blanket pretending it’s a baby.




And then the ghost of the host of Family Feud that killed himself, and visits with the world’s youngest insult comic.





And in the weirdest thing ever, Sophia eats clams linguine for breakfast!



6 thoughts on “Season 2, Episode 16: “And Then There Was One”

    1. Our family has enjyoed the open spaces of More Mesa for decades, and it is walking and biking distance from where we have lived for the past 32 years. Please don’t develop this area. The area enhances the quality of life for many people in SB and Goleta, not just those who live nearby. We aren’t anti-growth, but we would be very sad to see this gorgeous land developed.

  1. How come the baby girl named Emily in her pink blanket crying? Blanche also gives it a try to carry the baby girl Emily? And how come the baby girl stops crying? Who plays as Baby Emily? She was uncredited.

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