Season 3, Episode 4, “The Housekeeper”; or, Why Don’t They Just Bring Back Coco? Also, where’s Coco?

Let’s talk again about Coco, the elusive gay man who cooked Dorothy’s enchiladas. What happened to him? Did he quit? Did Blanche try to seduce him, and mad that a man rejects her, she stuffed him under the house? Did Rose literally bore him to death with stories about Herring and snow?

So apparently they really really need a housekeeper. They are so busy with all the random classes, starring in plays, and raising farm animals. So the first housekeeper they don’t like because she’s a big fat butch woman. Ugh! How weird to have her! They’d have to look at her all the time!


So finally, a woman in a colorful outfit enters and there’s just something different about her…I can’t quite place it…


Oh you joke! Look at that clever way they pointed out the ironic racism before you claim it’s racist. She is also Jamaican which means she only wears huge jewelry and is thought to cast spells.

But then she’s bad, and they want to fire her? But then their scared? Because…um…racism?

Sure, but Dorothy gets in a crack at Rose AND Gene Shalit.


Sorry everyone. Sometimes there’s just nothing to say about some episodes. You can’t win ’em all.

5 thoughts on “Season 3, Episode 4, “The Housekeeper”; or, Why Don’t They Just Bring Back Coco? Also, where’s Coco?

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