Season 3, Episode 5, “Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself”; or Hey I Really Fucked Up

Okay, okay, I’ve been MIA because I wasn’t sure how to recap this one- I actually needed to go back and rewatch it, but I never did. So I became paralyzed by my own fear of getting it done. SO THE TITLE IS FITTING.

Anyway, fuck it because I just want to get this one done so I could get back on track with recapping.

So, the only thing I remember from this episode is that Rose is a high school dropout* and has to pass a random history class or something that Dorothy is conveniently teaching.

*But she worked as a grief counselor? Don’t you need a counseling degree?

The Golden Girls may be pioneering on introducing queer characters on television, but man, they fucking hate Asians.


That’s Dorothy calling roll, and that’s an Asian name, and she’s all “Oh! I get it! Gym Shoe!” and then a gong sounded.


This was likely a comeback for Rose after she was a fucking idiot.


I do remember this part, where Blanche (probs) is talking about the size of someone’s organ, and Rose was like, “what organ?”

Okay, now I can move on. Stay tuned for a whole episode around Gorbachev. Gorbachev! How eighties.

4 thoughts on “Season 3, Episode 5, “Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself”; or Hey I Really Fucked Up

    1. I adore your blog, but this recap and screenshots are of the first episode of season 4, ‘Yes we have no Havanas’ featuring the geriatric Fidel Santiago. ‘Nothing to fear…’ (S3E5) is a rather dull episode about Rose’s struggle with her fear of speaking in public when she has to deliver the eulogy at the funeral of her great-aunt (yes, we are to believe that 60-odd year-old Rose still had living relatives from the generation of her grandparents) in the Bahamas.

      Looking forward to your next posts!

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