Season 3, Episode 10; “The Audit” Brought to You by RPGs  The Golden Girls Se LLC  The Golden Girls Services LLC

YOUR ENEMY: The IRS. Because: your shitty ex-husband was horrible with money and had stupid business ideas, like the Bib-Tie.


YOUR POWERS:  You are a Level IV Barb Thrower and expert insult thrower. You show your anger by making others feel your wrath. Level VIII flow-y costumes.

FIRST BATTLE: Un-amused IRS agent who also happens to be Black. Your ex-husband Stanley will make inappropriate comments about how bald men are like other “minorities.”  The Golden Girls Seavices LLC

Damage: You and your husband owe $5000 to the government. In today’s value, that is 40 million dollars.

YOUR GUILD: Blanche: Level 13 tramp. Rose: Tavern Idiot, take -10 points from every battle when you are with her.

SECOND BATTLE: Must haggle your anniversary ring to make the payment. Gift of Magii spell induced by ex-husband, in which he buys it back for you. Ex-husband loses Corvette, which was the logical thing to do in the first place and would have avoided everything.

Amazoirls Season 3  Amazon Digital Services LLC

FINAL BATTLE: Ex-husband charms you with wring, but you use your newly acquired squeezing dick power.  The Golden Girls  Digital Services  The Golden Girls  Services LLC






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