If you can believe it, I never got around to watching The Golden Girls until now. After one episode I was hooked, and being a human in the year 2016, I can’t do anything without documenting it on the internet, so I’ve decided to chronicle it as I watch it.

Simply recapping the show really wouldn’t be sufficient. My previous blog entailed harsh, biting criticism for the subject, because boy, did it deserve it, but really all that needs to be said is for this show is that it’s quite funny, the characters are great, and it’s great to see strong, developed female characters. I could say the same thing every time, so I will be writing recaps in a non-traditional form.

Here’s more about me:

This about sums up my life. I live in Oakland, CA and write sketch comedy with a local theater company. I write a lot of things, some I am proud of. I often write recaps for Entertainment Weekly’s Community.  I am the author of the book If You Lived Here, You’d be perfect By Now: The Unofficial Guide to Sweet Valley High, available for kindle,

You can find me on twitter at @robinhhhhh and on Facebook here. Write me your words of praise and adoration at robin@robinhardwick.com.

Lastly, I write The Weekly Welp, a blog delivered by email in which you can sign up for here.


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    1. Likewise Colleen. Me too! Sadly.I’ve purchased the Quantum Cookbook years back, in NZ, and still never got into its serctes. My own experiences with the helpdesk at the Hub were totally unproductive, totally unsatisfactory. In fact less than useless. I experienced exactly the same opening problems ( and received exactly the same repetitive, unobservant, ineffectual helpdesk responses ) far more recently when I purchased their advertised Brain Power product online, over here in Australia.I’m sure the products are good if you CAN open them. But that has NEVER been my experience! Across two different computers in two different countries. I’m now vitriolically dissatisfied.

  1. Wow!! The only thing keeping your blog from absolutely making my day is that I’m more than a little jealous that I didn’t think of writing it first. The Golden Girls is my absolute favorite show, which is probably a little weird because I was born in the 90s, but so be it. Thanks for helping me remember my favorite episodes and making me laugh!!

  2. Yes, I am G Girls fan. It began long ago. Who could ever turn away from Bea Arthur’s demanding vocal pipes, Betty White’s twinkly eyes, Rue McClanahan’s clacking heels or diminutive Estelle Getty standing beside her daughter, Dorothy. I get to fall asleep to the G Girls every Sunday night on TVLand. I hope they stay forever even though forever is never long enough! What a wonderful homage to a spirited classic. Thank you for thinking of it and blogging.
    Ever onward goes the St. Olaf march…
    newbie blogger

  3. What an awesome idea for a blog! I try talking people into watching The Golden Girls with me all the time but alas, I’m a young woman and most of my peers look down on me for the suggestion. It’s good to know there are other people out there as awesome as I am!

  4. Did you happen to catch their follow up show Golden Palace? It was ok.

    I was, and still am, a complete Golden Girls fan. Loved the show, was sad when it ended.

    I am sure I will enjoy reading all this…

  5. I discovered Golden girls an year back myself! and what a treasure… Your blog makes me wanna go back and watch certain episodes again! I still watch golden girls on a blue day… always lifts up the spirit! Your blog is a wonderful way of keeping the series alive even today… Oh and I love Betty White! 🙂

  6. I haven’t had a chance to read all of your posts yet, so I apologize if you have already done this, but the season one DVD has a short featurette by Joan and Melissa Rivers reviewing the fashion of the entire series. It is LAME, and I guarantee you they didn’t write it themselves. I’m challenging you to do the late-great Joan Rivers justice and do an “As Reviewed By” Joan Rivers of one of the episodes. I have a fondness for the show that borders on obsession, so I naturally have some ideas for episodes that would lend themselves to this type of review. However, the review will probably be more genuine if I don’t point you toward the most awesome fashions (I won’t indicate whether I think they’re hits or misses because there are actually both, regardless of what some people might think about the ’80s in general and The Golden Girls specifically). I hope you take this recommendation under consideration, and I look forward to reading your future reviews.

  7. Egads! I’m still trying to figure out why I watch this damn show every night! As an Italian, I’m CONSTANTLY thinking, these are the WORST imitations of Italians I ever saw in my life! WHY didn’t they just make Bea & Estelle Jewish??? They use more Yiddish than anything…… Good grief! I’m actually Offended by their portrayal of Sicilians!!
    I needed to get this off my chest. -now back to Golden Girls….

  8. I live in a “Golden Girls” house! Big fun! This is not just about a show, but it is about how women can connect with other women. While “coupling” and living happily ever after is what I heard about growing up (think Cinderella, Snow White, Sleepng Beauty), that is not how life turned out for lots of us. We don’t have someone with whom to grow old, and we have had to create other models for connection. The Golden Girls provided a model for how women can share housing, through which we share resources, responsibility, bills, AND connection. I do workshops on this concept, and I am even writing a book called “Sharegiving: What Women Can Learn from Elephants,” to help women think outside the box across the lifespan. Thanks for keeping their model alive.

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